Shooting Lesson Packages With Park Lodge Shooting School

We offer a selection of shooting lesson packages for both the novice and experienced shooter, enabling you to enjoy a carefully structured series of lessons to improve your shooting ability.

Why not have expert tuition from one of our fully qualified Instructors.

All of our lessons include:

• Clays
• Cartridges
• Gun Hire
• Instructor
• Insurance

Completely new to the Sport and wanting to give it a go to see if you like it why not try the experience can be done one to one or within a group.

Have A Go Experience:
10 shots £25
20 shots £45

We can accommodate for complete novices getting to know the basics to the experienced shot wanting to brush up on those bad habits you may of picked up out in the field.


Starter Lesson – £59pp

Ideal for the Novice Shooter this lesson is designed to give you the basic knowledge and safety while using a shotgun.
• 25 clays
• Duration: 45 minutes
• One to One

Junior Lesson – £70pp

Specifically for the young guns to improve their shot (up to 16 years old)
• 50 clays
• Duration: 1 hour
• One to One

Adult Lesson – £99pp

Specifically for the older guns to get to grips with the sport or to iron out some bad habits.
• 50 clays
• Duration: 1 hour
• One to One

Adult (Extra)Lesson – £115pp

Good for the older guns to improve with another opinion in what they need to improve on.
• 75 clays
• Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
• One to One

Joint Lesson (2 people) – £149 for the pair

Joint Lesson can be two adults or adult and a junior. It’s a good lesson for a couple or friends to make things competitive while learning how to shoot.
• 100 clays (50pp)
• Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Joint Lesson (3 people) – £219 for the 3 people
Joint Lesson for three people is the ideal gift for family members that like to keep things competitive but learning at the same time.
• 150 clays (50pp)
• Duration: 2 hours

Instructor Hour – £80

The Instructor Hour is for the experienced shot that has picked up bad habits or simply wants an opinion on where to improve.
• No limit on clays shot, they are to be paid for after the lesson.
• Duration: 1 hour

Refund policy : Please note we will require payment in full upon booking lessons and packages. If subsequently you, or any member of your party are unable to attend, then unfortunately you will not be entitled to any refund. However, we are able to offer the opportunity to chance your booking to an alternative date and / or time where at least 7 days notice is provided.

Learning the basics – Side by side with Tom Bayston

Olympic gold medalist Peter Wilson showing us how its done

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