Are you open to non members and do you have certain practice times or days?

We are open to the general public. You are welcome to come and shoot as and when within our opening times.

What do we need to bring in order to shoot at your ground?

First and foremost you must have both eye and ear protection, secondly your shotgun certificate (which must be the original document). We only need to see your certificate for the purchase of cartridges; however we may occasionally do spot checks to keep in line with our insurers. We do not need to see your CPSA card as we are open to the general public too.

What is the youngest age you can shoot at your ground and do you provide lessons for children?

The youngest we will allow a child to shoot is 7 and our instructors can provide a Junior Lesson – please see our Shooting Lessons page for further details.

I am interested in using your air rifle range, could you tell me the prices or is it dependant on membership?

The Air Rifle Range is open, please see our Air Rifle page for details.

I have a shotgun certificate; can I bring a friend who doesn’t have one to shoot?

We do allow non-shooters to be accompanied by certificate holders, however the non shooters are the sole responsibility of the certificate holder and if we find you to be acting irresponsibly then you will be asked to leave the ground.

What time does shooting stop in relation to your opening times?

Park Lodge closes at 5pm* (seasonal opening times may differ), therefore we require that all visitors are off of the grounds prior to 5pm. In line with this no food will be served after 4pm (allowing diners 1 hour to consume food prior to our closing).

Can you tell me if you have gun storage for members?

Unfortunately we are unable to store shotguns for members as it would void our insurance policy.

I have a gas automatic shotgun, is this something I could use at your ground?

You can use automatics but you would be limited to two shots per load.

I want to book some lessons that can be tailored to my needs, is this possible and if so what would the cost be?

We do a range of lessons, all with qualified instructors; you can also book an hour’s Instructor time which would be based around your specific requirements. Please refer to our Shooting Lessons page for details and prices.

Could you tell me if you do group bookings for special occasions and corporate bookings?

We are able to cater for all occasions, from birthdays to anniversary celebrations, team building events and post conference activities. We are also able to create bespoke packages around any “theme” that you require; this can include dining options for after your shoot. We have the facility to take a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 40 people depending on your needs.

Do you rent out guns?

We don’t rent out shotguns or air rifles.