Terms and Conditions of Sale

In the interest of your own safety and the safety of others it is the policy of Park Lodge that everyone who attends our facilities MUST comply with the following instructions:

Park Lodge is a lead only ground, maximum load 32gr. maximum shot size 6. The use of steel is strictly forbidden. Semi auto shotguns are limited to 2 shots only.

Strictly one person to shoot at one target at all times unless shooting in a supervised flush. You are not permitted to shoot at a target from another stand.

Due to spent shot and falling clay fragments it is ADVISED that a hat of some description be worn whilst on the ground* In strong winds the direction of the clays can also be affected.

Which includes safety glasses or prescription lenses MUST be worn over the eyes at ALL TIMES and some form of hearing protection must also be worn whilst shooting or including gloves. Failure to have these will result in not been allowed on the ground.

Due to uneven footpaths around the shooting ground sensible outdoor footwear must be worn along with appropriate clothing at your risk.

Your gun MUST NOT be brought into any accommodation anywhere on the shooting grounds. Please make your gun safe and store it securely in your vehicle before entering the clubhouse. They must not be closed, sighted or dry mounted anywhere other than within a designated shooting station.

A red flag shown by a trap, shooting station, trap house or D.T.L tank means the grounds man is working in that area and shooting MUST NOT TAKE PLACE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES UNTIL IT IS REMOVED

For safety, security and good manners towards Other shooters all mobile phones must be either switched Off or on silent whilst shooting.

In case of emergency or danger the sounding of long blasts of an air horn stops all shooting immediately. At the sound of the horn by any official, referee or grounds man all shooters are to cease shooting, unload their weapon and wait until told by that official, referee or grounds man that shooting can commence.

Please follow the social distancing guidelines and remain 2m apart, please do follow all instructions given by our team for the safety of yourself and others.

Please note anyone found to be under the influence of any substance whilst visiting Park Lodge will be asked to leave immediately and will not be able to return in the future.

Please note all equipment is used is at your own risk and Park Lodge will not be liable for misuse of equipment whilst you are on our property.

Whilst out on the grounds if you need any assistance at all, there are grounds men available dressed in high visibility vests, If you have any problems any of the traps; then please do not hesitate to report to the grounds men or to reception.

We have staffing and operational costs to cover every day so, in order to re-open whilst meeting the government lockdown requirements, unfortunately we cannot provide refunds.

When can the gift voucher(s) be redeemed?
Vouchers cannot be used beyond the expiry date, which is printed in the online store on our website and on the front of the voucher.

How can it be redeemed?
You will need to bring your voucher with you and exchange it at the Reception. Once you have received your voucher(s), please have your voucher number available when making your booking.

If only a small percentage of the value of my voucher is used, can I return to Park Lodge and use the rest another day?
All vouchers must be redeemed in one sitting only.

Can the Voucher be refunded?
There are no refunds on vouchers and any queries must be sent to our email address at [email protected] or by calling our reception. If nothing is resolved, all purchases must be resolved with either the PayPal or WorldPay claims team. No refunds for lost gift vouchers.

Where can the voucher be used at Park Lodge Shooting School?
The voucher is redeemable for lessons, clays, cartridges, and memberships. This offer applies to Park Lodge only and does not include Driven Sporting, Schoffel, discounted promotional sale items or other Gift Vouchers.

Can I purchase more than one voucher?
Yes, you’re able to purchase additional vouchers for your online basket.

Can I purchase these vouchers at the reception?
This is an online voucher only. They can be redeemed at reception, once purchased online.

These rules are intended for the safety of everybody at Park Lodge Shooting School.
Please tick the box to confirm you are agreeing to comply with the above risk assessment/ground rules.

Park Lodge Shooting School (Tom Bayston)
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East Yorkshire,
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Laws of England apply
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